Our aim is to develop the technical skills and tactical understanding for players of all ages and abilities while enhancing their love of the game. Our european methodology is very unique in the way we teach our players. Players Eye coaches mirror in many ways how FC Barcelona coaches train their academy players. With Players Eye coaches experiencing working with FCB for a few years, this has been beneficial to their players. We help develop skills, along with players physical abilities and confidence through training, and elevate their overall game through visual techniques provided. Players Eye offers video analysis feedback to all players taking part in our programs. We target every area of development through various programs, including individual training, Summer camps, clinics and game analysis for both teams and individuals.

Our Philosophy

"To create a fun environment where players are challenged and encouraged to be themselves while given the opportunity to learn, practice and improve".


Respecteffortteamwork and ambition are the four principal values that define the spirit of Players Eye FC. 


Respect for others is one of the basic requirements of democratic life and the capacity to live in society. Respect is a fundamental part of sport, for some sport generates situations of tension that have to be resolved almost instantaneously. There is therefore a need, above rules and standards, for this value to be present in order to guarantee cordial and correct interrelations between people. In sport, respect is needed in similar situations to those where it is demanded in wider society, but the intensity of the moment implies that the presence or absence of respect can be very obvious and can affect the development of the situation or event.


There are many social models that avoid effort and advocate instead luck, opportunism and immediate triumph. However, effort is a value that can take us to unthinkable heights and lead us to achieve targets and objectives that may at other times appear distant or inaccessible. Dedication, rigour, constancy, sacrifice and perseverance all bear fruit, while luck and the search for a quick win are often fleeting and momentary. 


Teamwork implies that the subject forms part of a group and that, as a member of the same, becomes an active element that acts on behalf of the whole (sometimes even to the determine of their own individuality). There are undeniable benefits of knowing that you are part of a team and this requires the learning and accentuation of many other values.


Ambition is the desire to achieve the maximum performance and to do things not only well but also as well as is feasibly possible and to improve every day. This value is applicable both to individuals and to groups. It involves use of a web of values as varied as excellence, patience, discipline, order, motivation and responsibility. Indeed ambition invokes and requires a broad system of values and, in turn, is related with a job being done well, effort and rigour. Regarding targets, ambition is probably the surest way of achieving them, for it is impulse to grow.